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hi my name is Azlina Hashim a.k.a. 'Yem'. Im a mother of 2 lovely kids and very hppy wit wht i have 2day. Live life the best way I can!

keje keje keje keje

sape taknak keje...keje mendatangkan rezeki...but when we keep on repeating what we do everyday...bangun, keje, tido...bangun, keje, tido...buhsan gak. tak keje, takde income. sabar je la cik yem oii...ade 25 years lagi service with govt. ... ade org xde keje, lagi kesian. so bersyukur ape yg ade...in conclusion, alhamdullillah with wht Allah has given me all this while. now, try to improve your work quality, will u


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